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I have spent a lifetime teaching guitar players how to use the talents they already possess, but need some direction to reach their goals. If you are looking to learn some new guitar elements, I am here to help you!

I also have a large volume of instructional DVDs and other materials available at and

Check out free lessons at:

This is a video I did for GuitarWorld magazine. Check it out!

Here is another popular video to help you get organized in daily practice.

the CAGED Guitar System can be very helpful if used correctly!

Meandering is one of the keys to fretboard success!

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See Maroon 5’s James Valentine in Preview from Ernie Ball's 'Pursuit of Tone' Series

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The 5 Best Freeware Guitar Effects -

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The Top 10 Reasons to Play Guitar -

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Here is a video to help you "sing" with your solos :-)

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Introduction to the Lydian Pentatonic Concept -

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GP Presents Carl Verheyen September 14 at Yoshi’s in Oakland, CA.—Win Tickets!

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The Many Sides of John Mayer - An in-depth look at a modern guitar master’s take on rock, blues, and soul.

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Lita Ford Selected as 2017 She Rocks Awards Honoree - The Women’s International Music Network (the WiMN) is ext...

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This is pretty awesome. Save it and keep it handy! Thanks, Ben Sung, for sharing!

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Zakk Wylde Talks Chicken Pickin' and Finding His Style | VIDEO

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Eric Johnson To Release Acoustic Album: Hear the First Single Now!

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Attend my meeting on 8/28/2016 powered by @anymeeting!

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3 Easy Blues Licks for Acoustic Guitar Grab some fun and easy acoustic guitar licks!

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Ozzy Osbourne Wants to Record Another Album and Hit the Road

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How to Find Your Sound on Guitar - PHOTO: Cindy Moorhead As guitar players, we have an innate tendency to compa...

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Lee Oskar Offers Free Harmonica Instructional Booklet for Guitar and Ukulele

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Cram Session: Two-Hand Tapping - Eddie Van Halen didn’t invent tapping, but he certainly popularized it. Learn ...

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Metallica's Premiere New Song "Hardwired" and Announce Details of Upcoming Album

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Guitar Editor Braves Guitar-Geek Police to Attend Jeff Beck Show

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PiL Singer John Lydon Gets Head Split Open by Fan with Bottle

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Walrus Audio Announces the New 385 Overdrive Pedal | DEMO - It models the vintage Bell and Howell 385 Filmosoun...

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Beyond Blues: 10 Twang Tips for “Workin’ Man Blues” - Inject your blues with a healthy dose of twang.

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Cliff Burton’s Dad Shows His Copy of Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ Book

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GP Editor's "Why Your Press Release Sucks" Rant Hits a Nerve

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Is This Guy the “World's Best Guitar Player"? - Every so often, I head to YouTube and search for “best guitaris...

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#NowPlaying Grimmstine by GrimmStine ♫

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Enjoying some GrimmStine :-) ♫

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Are You the Nervous Guitar Player? - Playing guitar brings us the greatest joy on Earth. Sometimes, however, we...

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Eric Clapton Goes Fishing and Lands the Biggest Salmon of the Summer