Ready to learn how to play guitar?

I have spent a lifetime teaching guitar players how to use the talents they already possess, but need some direction to reach their goals. If you are looking to learn some new guitar elements, I am here to help you!

I also have a large volume of instructional DVDs and other materials available at and

Check out free lessons at:

This is a video I did for GuitarWorld magazine. Check it out!

Here is another popular video to help you get organized in daily practice.

the CAGED Guitar System can be very helpful if used correctly!

Meandering is one of the keys to fretboard success!

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SUMMER NAMM 2017: Peavey/HP2 Guitar

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SUMMER NAMM 2017: D'Addario/Chromatic Pedal Tuner

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I am currently going live at :

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D'Addario Launches a Series of New Products, Including the Chromatic Pedal Tuner

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SNAMM '17 - Swope Guitars 6-String Prototype and Dakota Demos

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SNAMM 2017

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Reader Guitar of the Month: Stripped SG Special

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