Ready to learn how to play guitar?

I have spent a lifetime teaching guitar players how to use the talents they already possess, but need some direction to reach their goals. If you are looking to learn some new guitar elements, I am here to help you!

I also have a large volume of instructional DVDs and other materials available at and

Check out free lessons at:

This is a video I did for GuitarWorld magazine. Check it out!

Here is another popular video to help you get organized in daily practice.

the CAGED Guitar System can be very helpful if used correctly!

Meandering is one of the keys to fretboard success!

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Richie Sambora and Orianthi Cover Bon Jovi and Debut New Song at NAMM

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I am currently going live at :

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I am currently going live at :

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I am currently going live at :

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EVH Announces New EVH Striped Series 5150 Guitar Based on the Original, and More

@stinemusic Jan 21, 12:46

NAMM 2017: Gretsch Announces Custom Shop Malcolm Young "Salute" Jet

@stinemusic Jan 20, 00:49

NAMM 2017: Ibanez Launches George Benson 40th Anniversary Signature Model

@stinemusic Jan 19, 00:50

12-Year-Old Walks into Music Store and Blows Minds Playing 1964 Fender Stratocaster

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NAMM 2017: The Gear Is Here! - YOU’RE OBSESSED WITH GUITAR GEAR. WE KNOW THAT. So we certainly don’t want you t...

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Love our Bengal cat ❤️

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Watch Steve Vai and Nuno Bettencourt Play "Yankee Rose" and "Voodoo Child" at a Bowling Alley

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Rhythm is King: Bob Marley’s Hypnotic Pulse - The simple and effective chord stabs that fueled early reggae hit...

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How to Steal a Guitar Lick and Make It Your Own

@stinemusic Jan 14, 12:49

Watch One Man Perform Rush’s ”Tom Sawyer” on Guitar, Drums and Vocals at Same Time

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Orianthi Premieres New Song, "Transmogrify" - PHOTO: Tim Mosenfelder | Getty Images Orianthi recently debuted a...

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If you are trying to learn how chords and scales work together, this might help!

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Just posted a photo

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Jake Shimabukuro Shares Everything You Need to Know to Become a Ukulele Master on 'No Guitar Is Safe'

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@GuitarGrease thanks!!

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The Shredneck is a cool practice tool! ^ss

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If you are looking for a fun and easy way to learn to solo, check this out:

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Ibanez Introduces New Contemporary Archtop Series - For 2017, Ibanez is introducing a new line of hollowbody ar...

@stinemusic Jan 11, 00:47

Five Ways a Compressor Pedal Can Change Your Sound - A compressor can do more than tame dynamics. Here are a fe...

@stinemusic Jan 10, 16:31

Five Riffs You Should Never Play in Guitar Center—And How to Play Them | TAB -

@stinemusic Jan 10, 00:32

Ultimate Arpeggios: From Three-Note to Six-Note Licks for Rock, Shred and Jazz -

@stinemusic Jan 09, 19:03

African Guitarist Demonstrates Amazing "Knuckle Roll" Technique | VIDEO -

@stinemusic Jan 09, 16:32

Here’s Three Reasons Your Les Paul Won’t Stay in Tune -

@stinemusic Jan 09, 12:46

GoGo Tuners Releases Limited Edition Horizon Pedal Tuner - GoGo Tuners will only release 250 units for 2017 in ...

@stinemusic Jan 08, 12:47

What Line 6's 20 Years of Innovation Means to Guitarists - In 1991, while working as an editor of Electronic Mu...